Bayankhongor province, Mongolia

Nolur is a responsible luxury cashmere brand with following characteristics:

Nolur cashmere is a fully biodegradable natural product sourced from organic fiber, thus brings you the direct touch of the wild nature. Goats graze in the Mongolian steppes (wild nature) full of organic herbs. The shearing process is performed manually by nomadic herders using hand comb, which is a centuries old traditional approach.  

Nolur cashmere is the result of hard work and dedication of our team to connect you with over 200,000 nomadic families from Mongolia, who still preserve their traditional ways of living, supported mainly by the income from cashmere fiber collected every spring across Mongolia.     

Nolur cashmere is designed according to the latest trends in the fashion industry with emphasis to find the fine balance between a luxurious look and casual comfortability. We believe that our cashmere design, color, and cut can proudly compete on a global platform.    

Nolur cashmere is produced in an eco-friendly manner by deploying the most advanced European equipment to preserve its natural quality.

Nolur cashmere is crafted by using the most efficient technology with great care to lower our environmental footprint by optimizing energy and water usage.

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