Mongolian Herder Boy

Mongolian Cashmere - Finest in the World

       Mongolia is a landlocked country with extreme continental climate, whereas, in the summer temperatures can go as high as +40℃, while in the winter temperatures frequently drop down to -40℃ and even lower. Nomadic herders inhabited this area in the middle of Eurasia for thousands of years with their livestock freely grazing through the endless steppes in the country of “eternal blue sky”. In such harsh, cold and dry environment, goats develop very long and thin fiber, which is a source for warm and gentle texture acclaimed and distinguished as the finest cashmere in the world. 
      Cashmere is a fully biodegradable natural product sourced from organic fiber, thus brings you the direct touch of the wild nature. Goats graze in the Mongolian steppes (wild nature) full of organic herbs. The shearing process is performed manually by nomadic herders using hand comb, which is a centuries old traditional approach.  
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