Buy Nolur-Support for Female-lead Pastoral Families

Buy Nolur-Support for Female-lead Pastoral Families


     The founders of our brand are friends who are involved in humanitarian work and have a long history of providing charitable assistance to children in need. Even, the idea to develop the Nolur brand was born during a coffee break after helping children with special needs.

    The main principle of our brand is that human consumption should be pleasant, environmentally friendly and beneficial to others. Therefore, we use the healthiest and most luxurious natural raw materials to produce luxury cashmere products with environmentally friendly technologies and spend a certain percentage of business income on Woman Empowerment Project by Sustainable Fiber Association, which is supporting rural vulnerable female-led families.

    Mongolian pastoral women have essential roles as caregivers to their families, but when they forced to lead their households alone, their families are more vulnerable. Recent research has found that female-led families have fewer assets and less access to information and knowledge-exchange than male-led households. However, when women have the opportunity to lead in their communities, they demonstrate the same leadership qualities as men, and prove to be even better when it comes to trust building among community members. Research also indicates that senior woman or women with higher education levels make a valuable contribution to collective efforts, thus contributing to more successful pastoral communities and sustainable rangelands. The aim of this project is to empower Mongolian pastoral women by increasing their leadership roles in SFA registered herding cooperatives. The project will be based on the provision of financial incentives. Firstly, incentives will be provided to herding cooperatives that include local senior females as their members and have a least one woman in their decision-making structure. Secondly, incentives will be provided to herding cooperatives that develop social safety nets and offer collective support for vulnerable female-led families.

   By purchasing Nolur brand products, a certain percentage of your purchases will be used to address the support for female-lead pastoral families in remote areas of Mongolia. On behalf of the Nolur brand, we would like to thank you for making a responsible purchase and making support the female-led families. SFA and Nolur brand will publish a detailed report in the end of the each year.

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