Greetings from Co-founders

Greetings from Co-founders

    The founders of our brand are friends who come along in life, business and even humanitarian work. In the beginning, we banded together as a group on social responsibility activities, such as providing charitable assistance to children in need. Even, the idea to develop our brand "Nolur" was born during a coffee break after helping children with special needs. Nowadays, in the company “Woman Empowerment” project represents one of our key purposes where we unite.


      We are all caring mothers, loving wives and women who come from diverse academic backgrounds of economics, banking, mathematics, international relations and business administration and together envisioned Nolur Brand. We, for the purpose of designing a brand that unites healthy lifestyle, inner beauty and fashion, have combined our creative potential to develop our trademark.

    The main principles of our brand are that our products  are ensured to please customers, remain sustainable and friendly to the environment while also being beneficial to the livelihoods of the rural herders and their families to improve their standard of living. Therefore, we use the most natural raw materials to produce luxury cashmere products with environmentally friendly technologies and spend a certain percentage of the business income on charities for the rural children.

   We believe that our products created of the softest, warmest, and lightest fabric of the "Mongolian cashmere", a gift from Mother Nature, can give you an aura of comfort, confidence and warmth. 

   We thank you for choosing and, therefore, trusting us.

   Best wishes,

   The Nolur Co-Founders

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